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Help us build that future.

Ways to Help

Donate by Check

Checks should be made payable to NEWLIFE and can be mailed to the following address:


NEWLIFE Rescues & Adoption
6500 Leonard Rd N,
Mount Vernon, Indiana 47620


*Please indicate on your check that your gift is in support of the Building Campaign.

Building a Bright Future.

With the merge of the two non-profit organizations came NEWLIFE Rescue & Adoption. The name may have changed, but the mission has not. Since the existence of these two organizations, thousands of animals have received spaying/neutering surgeries, been adopted to loving homes, and some even reunited with owners.

NEWLIFE Rescue & Adoption is currently raising funds to build an animal shelter that is designed to house the animals that come under our care. We are currently running a capital campaign to help fund the construction of a shelter that will provide services in which our community can be proud. Currently, PC Pound Puppies has NO shelter while Posey Humane's building is an old furniture store in unrepairable condition. 

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PHS Building.png

Current PHS Building

This building is an old furniture store. There is not proper ventilation and drainage making the spaces challenging to clean and sanitize, which can contribute to the spread of disease.

PCPP Building.png

Current PCPP Building

This shelter is on private property. Volunteers have limited access to the animals. The dogs are in an extremely stressful environment. They receive very little socialization. Human interaction is limited to twice a week walks.

New Building.png

Proposed NEWLIFE Building

Designed by an architect and engineering team with the input from our volunteers who work closely with the cats and dogs. The building is designed for its purpose allowing for healthier, less stressed animals who have a better chance of being adopted.

Why is this building 

What's wrong with the shelter now?

The current building is not designed to be an animal shelter. The ventilation system fails to meet current needs causing unhealthy conditions for the volunteers and animals. It is very limited in space and overcrowding is always a challenge. There is not proper drainage to clean animal waste. Currently, PCPP has no shelter of their own. PHS has an energy inefficient building that is not designed for animal rescue. 

What is the plan?

PHS and PCPP are merging human and financial resources to more efficiently deal with the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Posey County. A new shelter will be built on the current PHS property that will meet the needs of our mission.

How will the project be funded?

PHS and PCPP has recently received a significant donation bequeathed to them from a very generous donor. A local architect and engineering firm is offering significantly reduced rates to work with us and ensure the process moves smoothly. A building campaign fundraiser initiative will be used with the guidance of qualified volunteers.

Building Plans.png

Building Highlights.

Improved plumbing and drainage systems, flooring, sanitation, acoustics, and lighting to promote health and wellness for the shelter workers and animals.

Better design of HVAC systems to improve ventilation, odor, air quality and reduce disease transmission.

More space providing areas for cats and dogs to be housed safely and sanitarily. In door kennels with outdoor access allowing for more efficient cleaning, as well as opportunities for the animals to be outside.

Meet and Greet Room that allows a calm space for potential adopters to meet animals.

Larger lobby that will allow an area for staff meetings and education.

Modern kennel layout designed to reduce reactive barking and cage fighting. Sound absorption material will be installed. Separate areas for large dogs and small dogs will be provided.

Redesigned play yard that will allow multiple dogs to be out at once.

New Catios which will allow cats access to sights, sounds and smells of outdoors. 

Separate areas for intake and sick isolation to reduce disease transmission and allow time for animals to de-stress upon arrival.

Grooming and exam area provided for better care of the animals.

Improved animal laundry and kitchen space to allow clean bedding and healthy meals provided to all animals.

Separate kitchenette for staff and volunteers for improved hygiene and safety.

Sponsorship Levels.


We are not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States and receive no funding from national group or the state. We are self-funded and sustained by gifts from individuals, local businesses, and foundations.

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